Bowater (Bowater Group Limited) was founded by James Bowater, a senior member of the same family that established the Bowater name as one of the leading industrial brands in the world. Bowater is a British manufacturing and security solutions business with a global presence and customers.

The Company’s focus was originally on developing the world’s most advanced hologram – the BowaterHologram™ – in all its forms, including the serialised version that holographically embeds a unique alphanumeric serial number/code in each BowaterHologram™ at the point of manufacture. The original plan was to provide this as a discreet component of the security solutions that many businesses around the world provide to their customers.

However, as our business development team engaged with potential customers in our target sectors, it became increasingly clear that the market wanted significantly more than just a hologram with a serial number – even though it is the most advanced and secure in the market.

As a result our solutions business division went on a journey to design and develop the solutions to complement and enhance the effectiveness of the BowaterHologram™. Consequently we have combined all the divisions under one roof to form Bowater as it is today.