If you believe that Bowater’s products and solutions can help you add value to your customer’s and their requirements, we would be more than happy to talk to you about becoming a Bowater Distribution partner and how our products and solutions can help you develop your business to deliver better value to your customers and your own business.

Bowater’s products are much more than just holographic labels and some apps. As a result we cannot simply assume that our distribution partners can become instant experts in our technologies and therefore instantly successful as distributors and resellers of Bowater’s solutions. This is the same with any advanced technology provider and as with everything else, Bowater is determined to be the leader in its field.

On that basis Bowater provides:

  • Full and on going product and sales training and ongoing sales support to its distribution partner’s sales teams.
  • Product experts available to support the sale of Bowater products and solutions in the field
  • A full library of digital and physical collateral for use by Distribution partner in sales and marketing
  • Post sales technical support to ensure that orders when they come through from distribution partners are complete
  • Post sales customer support where required to ensure that our distribution partners and their customers are supported
  • Lead generation both through the Partner Finder functionality being developed for the Bowater website and through outbound lead generation campaigns run by Bowater.

As stated previously, Bowater’s aim is not to have large numbers of partners. Our aim is to have a limited number of quality partners that want to add value with solutions that make the most of both Bowater’s technologies and their own. In our view this is the only approach that will enable both Bowater and its distribution partners to benefit from a long term relationship that delivers real value to Bowater, its distribution partners and most importantly our shared customers.