With a global focus, Bowater cannot be everywhere at once, so we have been establishing a network of partners around the world, who bring both a deep understanding of the issues and objectives faced by organisations in our target sectors. They are all also selected for the quality of their people, their focus on understanding their customers’ objectives and their ability to deliver solutions that provide measurable benefit to their customers.

In short, they have to have the same attitude and standards as Bowater.

We work closely with our partners providing them with all the support they need to be able to deliver the value that Bowater customers expect and demand:

  • Supporting their technical teams to specify solutions that will deliver the targeted outcomes as well as practical and cost effective.
  • Providing complementary technical services where required for data or systems integration if required.
  • Providing full technical and product support once the solution is in production to ensure that it always performs to specification
  • Where required providing additional business support to help advise customers on how best to utilise Bowater’s products and solutions to achieve their business objectives
  • Provision of data management and marketing systems where required to enable partners’ customers to make full use of the data captured through the use of Bowater’s solutions.

Our partners are critical to our business and we invest significant resources and energy in working with them to ensure that they can help our collective customers achieve their business objectives, regardless of whether its purely a security application or something wider ranging with aspects of consumer engagement.

To find a partner near you please e-mail – partners@bowaters.com