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In 2013 Bowater launched the BowaterHologram™. At the time it was the only real colour, fully three dimensional, volume hologram available in industrial quantities on the market.

In its serialised form, the BowaterHologram™Numeric, it was the only hologram of any kind that included an alphanumeric serial number that is highly visible and ‘written’ as an integral holographic element of the BowaterHologram™.

In both cases, the Bowater products remain the only ones available on the market.

The scientific and technological complexity of the BowaterHologram™ and BowaterHologram™Numeric, cannot be overstated:

  • It is an entirely different branch of holographic science from the ubiquitous ‘transmission’ or embossed hologram that has been used to protect everything from bank cards to sports goods with ever decreasing effectiveness in recent years. Consequently only Bowater’s staff have access to the know how and technology required to manufacture the BowaterHologram™
  • The materials and techniques required to manufacture the BowaterHologram™ in all of its variants are unique to Bowater and our supply chain is tightly secured to ensure these elements do not fall into the wrong hands.
  • The BowaterHologram™ always includes at least two entirely separate real colour images that are bright and easily seen under any source of reasonably bright, direct light, such as the sun for example.
  • We strongly recommend adding simple visual user instructions so that literally anyone can easily authenticate a BowaterHologram™ with cast iron confidence.

Whether its being used purely as an easy to use, visual authentication device, or a visually entertaining consumer engagement tool, you can be confident that your brand and products are protected by the most sophisticated visual security device on the market which is so easy to use that everyone, everywhere can authenticate with cast iron confidence. At the same time, the technology underpinning it is so complex and secret that few if any counterfeiters or even competitors are likely to be able to replicate it in the short term and certainly none have in the last three years.

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