There is a simple fact that we recognised from the very outset. Protecting anything is costly. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an identity card or a bottle of wine, that cost adds to the overall costs of products, identity cards and other items.

We know that this deters many organisations from investing properly in protecting their products properly, or at all, for the simple reason that they cannot justify the cost.

As usual at Bowater, we invested time and energy listening to our target markets and customers to understand what their business objectives are other than stopping IP abuse.

In every one of our target sectors we found one or more key business objectives that Bowater’s products and solutions can address extremely effectively to the point that the cost of protecting the item is significantly outweighed by the value we generate delivering on other key business objectives by extending the functionality of the Bowater protection functionality.

These cover a growing number of business objectives that our customers and target sectors wish to address:

  • Enhanced consumer interaction and engagement
  • Patient Adherence programme
  • Secure track and trace
  • Product provenance management
  • Online trust
  • Qualification authentication