Until now security devices have relied on commercial technologies that are well defined, fully understood and widely available to both legitimate customers and, more importantly, to counterfeiters and other criminals. Consequently these traditional embossed holograms, printed and even digital measures are increasingly being counterfeited to the level that experts find it difficult to separate the counterfeit from an original.


We have learned from this and developed a security model that closes the door on counterfeits now and in the future:

  • The BowaterPolyCopierTM used to reproduce the BowaterHologramTM was conceived, designed, developed and built in house the internal working of the machine are kept entirely secret
  • We will never license or sell BowaterPolycopierTM to third parties in order to ensure that the equipment can never fall into the hands of counterfeiters
  • All holograms manufactured are treated as secure items and, when possible, enumerated to ensure that every single hologram can be traced and identified.
  • All holograms include a visual authentication feature that can only be created within a BowaterHologramTM to further protect against counterfeit.
  • The machine readable integration with RFID or 2D matrix codes negates the risk of counterfeiting printed and digital items thus enabling customers to use digital technologies to manage items marked with a BowaterPolycopierTM

The above points outlined above just scratch the surface of our technologies. We continue to develop and enhance with both overt and covert measures that ensure the technology remains beyond the reach of counterfeiters and criminals.

This section of the website outlines our guiding principles, why we put them in place and how they benefit you our customer in getting the best possible value from our products and solutions.