The rise of mobile internet and data usage everywhere provides both new challenges and an enormous opportunity for organisations to engage on an entirely different level:

  • In the ID security environment it enables mass authentication – literally anyone equipped with a smartphone can authenticate the idenity of someone bearing a Bowater Identity document.
  • In consumer goods it enables brands to engage with their customers on new, more personal levels and capture significant amounts of consumer data from every interaction and transaction.
  • In ticketing it enables event organisers to manage a series of interconnected and potentially high risk scenarios while delivering an enhanced experience to those buying tickets for and attending the event.

To enable Bowater to deliver all of these powerful business and consumer processes, we have invested in the development of our own digital platforms that are designed to be both extremely secure and secondly highly configurable.

This configurability enables us to deploy customised apps faster and more cost effectively than is normally the case. It also enables us to work with our customers to adapt and enhance their apps as their business objectives evolve and their end user needs change.

This is an area that we know is increasingly important in every sector we are operating and most that we are planning to launch in over the coming years. To ensure that we continue to have the most flexible and cost effective digital platforms in our target markets and sectors, Bowater has establshed a centre of excellence specifically to continue researching and developing cost effective, leading edge, digital and serialisation technologies.