Bowater’s technologies and products are developed with more than one purpose in mind. This is the only way that we or any other company in our space, can hope to make a difference and deliverable measurable value to our customers.

Their original purpose was security to protect IP, identities and other items. This is still a central part of what we do for most if not all of our customers. Our foundation technology is the BowaterHologram™ and the most advanced and secure form of visual authentication device available on the market in its most basic form, let alone in its more advanced form the BowaterHologram™Numeric. In both cases the technology is designed to integrate with our digital platforms as well as supporting the Everyone – Everywhere principle.

When we add the functionality available with our digital platforms that covers everything from simple authentication all the way through to complex business processes. Our Digital team developed our digital platforms to make them highly configurable, secure – in essence capable of delivering functionality that can include complex, transactional business processes such as investigation management or more simple authentication and data capture functions.

Combined, Bowater’s technologies enable our customers to create a very strong link between the physical item being protected and the digital records and functionality that are available through our digital platforms. One of our customers, described it as ’Making any object smart and interactive’.

With a long pipeline of future developments and new technologies, Bowater will continue to provide the most advanced and cost effective technologies that combine security, interaction and process management.