With many of the technologies underpinning our products and solutions being relatively new in comparison to the vast majority of our competitors, Bowater has the luxury of being in a position to develop and improve its industry leading technologies and products to ensure that they remain several generations ahead of our competitors and more importantly criminals and counterfeiters.

We know that our technologies are extremely advanced, but we also know that criminals and counterfeiters in particular are often better funded than our competitors, not to mention that criminals have no respect for others IP.

As a result, and even though we know that our technologies are extremely well protected from counterfeiters and competitors we do not rest on our laurels. Our technical teams continue to develop and enhance our existing technology base with other groups working to ensure that we are leading the development of future technologies.

We already have several significant technical enhancements sitting waiting to be released that we do not need to launch in the market yet, for the simple reason that our technologies, covering both the BowaterHologram™ and our other technologies, are already the most advanced in the market.