Adding new infrastructure, especially if it has to be secure is both costly and time consuming, so we designed it out of all Bowater solutions.

With the exception of the secure mobile business process platforms that we present in an ‘app’ format, all the infrastructure used is virtual which delivers a number of significant advantages:

  • Deployment and enhancement of the system is fast, easy and low cost.
  • We can make the solution extremely secure – no identifiable IP addresses to target for hackers, for example.
  • Elements of it can be extended to capture information from every stage in the manufacturing, distribution and retail and reported to you.

  • It is designed to work both on and onine to cope with unreliable mobile infrastructures.
  • Stolen or lost devices used to access the ‘app’ can be wiped or have their access permissions removed remotely ensuring ongoing security is maintained.

Where an organisation wishes to deploy access control technology driven by an ID card, we can naturally accommodate this either with the customer directly or in conjunction with their access control provider.