First and foremost we are a global company with customers all around the world including China, the United States, Africa and Europe. Our advanced products and solutions are increasingly in demand covering everything from identity to the protection of consumers goods especially those that are considered to be luxury goods or products with a potential risk to life if counterfeits get into the market.

We are winning these customers globally because our customers and prospective customers tell us that they consider is to be the first truly innovative provider of security technologies that also have the added benefit of delivering additional value from the services we have developed as part of our. Value not Cost principle.

This focus on measurable, deliverable value that we have developed as a core part of our business ethos is setting Bowater apart from all of our competitors for a number of reasons:

  • Our focus on your business objectives and working with you to achieve them.
  • Our concentration on value and how we can deliver the most value to your business
  • Our openness to being measured and delivering measureable results and value to your business

Whoever we work with and however we work with them, we are not in the business of selling hologram stickers. However, we are in the business of working closely with you to design and deliver solutions that meet your business objectives – not just your brand protection objectives, we include others some of which we outlined in the Value not Cost principle.