Bowater’s products and solutions are much more than simple, one dimensional brand and identity protection holographic labels. At Bowater as you will see from this website, our focus is on bringing together both analogue and digital technologies to deal with often complex, business problems and objectives. However, the focus always remains the same – deliver measurable value.
Our website is not the place to lay out the details of specific solutions particularly where there are elements of security and confidentiality concerned. Instead what you’ll find here for the moment is our views on how we approach solving your problems and delivering value to your organisation.

The market and sectors we serve globally with solutions that are already delivering value to our customers around the world include:

  • Consumer Goods – from Luxury Goods to powdered baby formula.
  • Electronics – supply chains, components and finished products
  • Identity – corporate ID cards to ultra-secure law enforcement IDs
  • Pharmaceuticals – serialisation and patient adherence.
  • Events – Command & Control to providing secure tickets

If you operate in any of these sectors and would like to find out how Bowater’s unique, end to end approach to helping you deal with business problems and objectives then get in touch and we will be happy to provide more information.